by - Sunday, September 24, 2017


    A nigga make this face during a roast when a) he don't got no type of comeback so all he can do is smile and act like his soul not dying or b) he got one roast that could fry your whole existence . When you know your mans had sex with a hoe he can't roast no one till death unless he redeem himself by smashing a bad bitch. But my nigga trey must've forgot that cause he started flaming me out of nowhere and killed my self esteem in front of the most elegant of mermaids I ever seen...(we were at the pool, I call pretty girls at the pool mermaids don't fucking ask me why) . Niggas always got to flex in front of females by cooking Someone and I was the victim. I sat there and let him flame me cause my mom named me Casey and that clearly is deserving of a hot roast. But he stuttered in mid sentenced and is the universal sign in roasting for a counter attack. If a nigga stutter in mid roast then you have to obliterate his ass. I just remembered the nigga smashed this hoe named bertha, she look like mark Henry mixed with kimbo slice so I knew I had him. I smirked like a dragonball z character do when he transform and know ain't nobody bitch ass bout to do damage and I let the nigga have it. Told that nigga his head built like fios cable box and ended him. You know when you get your ass whipped in front of your friends by your parents and you be smiling try a fake like it doesn't hurt?.... That's how that nigga looked. He was done. He beat the shit out of me

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