by - Monday, September 18, 2017


 Fox didn’t believe what she had and that sentence alone gave her a hard time sleeping, she had a headache thinking what happened to her past friends and what might happen to her recent one (derrick). she couldn’t sleep that whole night and early morning she woke uo and text Derrick before Jackson woke up.
This was the message she sent “hello darling, it was so nice meeting and knowing you, i enjoyed every minute spent with you and i wouldn’t trade it for anything if wasn’t for your own life. i may not be the decent girl you think i am but one thing for sure, you could have change me. I was engaged with am man name Rogers. He loved me and as far as i can remember i really loved him too. Our relationship went through a hard time when he got a terrible;e accident and we didn’t have enough save to to provide for his cure.
          My willing to do anything to see him walking again got too far as i started sleeping with random men just to raise that treatment bill. During this set of time  i met a man called Jackson. Rogers was the man of my dreams but Jackson took all those dream to me. he was rich and smart and he even finance this house and the  house we are leaving n. in a few days Rogers was found missing on his bed. I didmd know what was going on but i had a feeling that he is alive somewhere. I never heard or seem him again ever. jackson treated me so well and it was time to travel. He Engaged me and he went back to his home with a promise that he willl come back two years later
           Since then i started seeing a lot of men. I could take up to 3 mens a day as long as the money is Good. What was common about these men was that they will all stop communicating with me the second day after we meet. at first it didn’t bother me, i thought they are doing that cause they consider me a prostitute so no one wants to communicate with me, But yesterday Jackson came back home we spent the night together and he told me something that i think he may have to do with those men where about. Am so sorry  i didn’t want it to take tis turn but looks like we have no choice and the time is not on our side. Please Derrick if you can take a trip out of the country for even a month so that you wont  end up missing like the rest of the men will be a best choice. Please don’t call or reply this message as am not sure if its traced or not. let me know when you come back.”
           Derrick woke up very late this day as he was having trouble sleeping. He was thinking almost very hard about the young boy who threatened him during his visit. derrick took a nice shower and he decided to check on Fox and she is free is they can go for lunch. he was shocked with Fox’s message and he started having sweat palms and itchy testicles. Derrick decided to Run but then he didn’t know for sure if this thing will end well. he pack faster and then he called his gate man and told him that i willl be traveling for few days, let no one inside. As he was driving to the airport a white Rangerover was driving aside him and the lady inside it asked him to pull over. not knowing what was going on derrick pulled over and he remain calm in the car waiting for the beautiful girl to come and tell him what she wants. To his surprise it wasn’t the lady but the Young man who he met at fox place and later on at his place.


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