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    For some minutes derrick was surprised but he was a little confidence due to the person infront of him was so thin and in bad health, and derrick was very sure that if the man came to cause violence then he can take him easily. He then asked the man “Young man what is it that you want from me? are you looking for trouble? The man didn’t answer anything and he was just looking at his phone all that time. Derrick got furious and ask the man again “Young man tell me what is it that you want from me and stop wasting my time.
And if there is nothing that you want just walk away please i have so many things to do.” This time derrick caught the young man attention and he looked at derrick and say “Am sure fooling around with other people properties is one of your so many things to do right? Derrick started to get curious and he lower his Tone and this time politely asked “Young man, what have i done?What have i done that made you come all the way to my place? The young man Got on his bicycle and tells him, “There is nothing that you have done that you won’t regret, this is just a heads up and also i just wanted to let you know that i know where you live”. The young man took off leaving derrick with thousands of question with no answers.
       Fox was leaving the shower when she notice that the door that she earlier closed is now opened, she didn’t out it much into her attention and she sat in her bed post and start applying her skin lotion ready to sleep. She notice her television in the sitting room went off and this time she was shocked and decided to investigate. She took the frying pan that she earlier had fried eggs with and slowly she leans to the wall that separates her corridor and the sitting room. She had a close pick and she saw Jackson. Her heart filled with shock and start pumped slow that the snail  on tortoise back. she didn’t know what to do as she was not expecting his visit for another 2years. Fox ran back to her room and she put some decent clothes and pretend she was sleeping.
       Jackson is a dangerous man who runs a small Drug cartel with more than 10 hit men and over 50 murder cases on investigation, he was also charged with killing for men for no reason known yet but the cases were dropped due to all witnesses of every individual case were found dead. Jackson mate Fox 3 years ago when he visited the country for the first time. Since the first moment he lay hands on her he Fell in love and he didn’t want to loose any second. He told Fox right away about his feeling and since Fox was “Everybody’s Bitch” she pretend to fall too. Derrick Gave fox almost everything she wanted. From out country shopping, expensive holiday trips and even the Good house that she is sleeping in. After all those good times Jackson had to travel back to his country and promises fox that he will see her in the next 2 years.
      Jackson finished watching the late night news and he went to bed where he found Fox a sleep. he slap her ass and he pushed him self in the blankets ready to sleep. Fox turned around and acted all surprising seeing him. 
               FOX: OMG Jackson, is this the real you

               JACKSON: Yea, who else could it be?

               FOX: When did you get here and how?

               JACKSON: i  Came some hours ago, you were not in your room so i thought maybe you was out 

              FOX: I was taking a shower my love.
             JACKSON: enough talking you know what i miss most right?
       Fox with not being ready for what was about to follow but also not having a choice she strip and ready to give Jackson a please that she will not enjoy giving. It was the best night ever to Jackson but a very boring one for Fox, especial she she remembered Derrick all the way through the process. Jackson smiled and said thank you to Fox he also tell her that he has a big surprise for her. Fox not being so patient she had to ask “What is it my Love tell me, tell me, tell me”. Jackson answered sarcastic with the phrase "Curiosity killed a cat, you will be surprised that things we want most tends to destroy us badly.” Fox being lost in this phrase and not be able to understand the hidden message in it she asked again, “My love what do you mean, What is it that you have prepared that will surprise me? at least give me a clue or something”. Jackson being fed up with her whining he told her “Alright fine i am giving you the clue damn woman, you are as starbon as a shaved cat. Okay, the surprise is, you ever notice that every guy you had sex with that wasn’t me were reported Missing? well lets see if someone will be tomorrow. Good night and sleep tight my love.”

END OF CHAPTER 3 Follow Us through Chapter 4 to see what will happen.

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