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Chapter 1

It was first Sunday of the month  when Fox decided to go to church for a morning service. Fox, tall, brown skinned and charming lady, was on top form. She never knew school because her parents didn't take her to one.  She is not employed but she supports her life just like other employed girls.
    On that sunday Fox had two things in her mind 1) going to see the rich man she heard about the last weekend that he was in town and he looks so religious and 2) as usually to go and advertise her merchandise to some thirsty Men.

    She puts on her make up and puts on her short dress that left almost all of her goodies outside the dress and she was ready for leaving.Despite almost all her goodies being displayed as pet animals in zoo, she was very comfortable and full of confidence.

         She took her hand bag and move outside the gate, she took taxi and off to church she goes. When she arrived at the church entrance she purposely drop her hand bag and all of the church attendant draws to her attention, she slowly with her killer cat walk move to the front of the church. She kneels before sit and as she was standing every one was looking at her tall beautiful legs.

    After the mass she walk outside the church and start looking at everyone at the church exit waiting for the rich man to come out. The rich man come out last and finally she got him. She firstly pretend to have a headache and she needs an emergency attendance. The man finally get to her and tell her "let me help you". As she was still pretending to have a headache, inside her mind she was doing the victory dance knowing that its a great beginning.

     The man picked her and they slowly move down to the car and on the way she started telling the man "you are my hero thanks for saving my life, it could have been impossible without you an all kind of praises"  The man "Derrick" by the name said nothing while on the way.
He took her in his car and give her some pain killer and water that he was half way through it. Then he tells her that she will be okay and allows her to go out of the car, but surprising enough Fox tells him "i have no where to go so am going wherever you are going".

     Not sure if he heard her correctly or not, Derrick decided to let it pass and again he tells Fox, "Ma'am you will be okay just make sure you have enough rest, for now i have to go." Fox with a  sweet talking voice tells Derrick, "Don't you think we should get to know each other just a little bit, after all its weekend".

    Derick agrees and tells Fox that he was actually going for lunch so she can join him if she won't mind. While on the way they had time to catch up including introducing them selves.
    They had a quick lunch and Fox ask Derrick if he can drop her home and Derrick agrees. While on the way home Fox did all she can to show Derrick that she is hitting on Him but Derrick was clueless.
     when they almost get there, Fox faked another headache and she was totally selling it this time. She asked Derrick to take her inside and Derrick did so. when inside Fox careful let her short skirt goes all the way up and she dramatical spread her legs

wana know what follows? Stay with us for the next chapter

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